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Facekinis Trending In China As Temperatures Rise

Beijing’s hottest new fashion trend: ‘facekinis’ 😅



Amidst scorching temperatures that are breaking records in Beijing, a fascinating new trend known as “facekinis” has taken the fashion world by storm.


Bizarre 'facekinis' fashion craze hits China beaches amid record heat | Fox  News


With the mercury soaring above 35°C and ground surface temperatures reaching a blistering 80°C in certain regions of the country, both residents and visitors are resorting to innovative measures to protect themselves from the intense heat. Carrying portable fans has become a common sight, as people strive to shield themselves from the scorching sun.


Protecting fair skin with China's 'face-kini' - BBC News


One of the most popular solutions is the facekini – a unique full-face mask featuring strategically placed holes for the eyes and nose. These facekinis are complemented by separate sleeves that cover the arms, along with wide-brimmed hats and lightweight jackets, all crafted from specially designed UV-resistant fabric. Additionally, some hats even come equipped with built-in fans to provide a cooling respite during the sweltering days.



This innovative and practical ensemble has gained widespread popularity as it not only shields individuals from harmful UV rays but also offers a stylish and contemporary fashion statement amidst the scorching Beijing summer.