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Extinct Plant Reappears In Maltese Sand Dunes

Nature’s resilience 🍃



Following a successful regeneration project, a plant previously considered extinct has reemerged at the sand dunes of Ramla tal-Mixquqa. Known as the Purple Spurge or il-Ġemmugħa tar-Ramel in Maltese, this plant made a remarkable comeback after the removal of the Giant Reed, which was believed to have completely eradicated it from the Maltese islands.


In addition to the revival of the Purple Spurge, several other plant species that were becoming scarce have experienced healthy growth due to this regeneration project. Among them are the Sea Rocket (Kromb il-Baħar), Sand Restharrow (Broxka tar-Ramel), Sea Daffodil (Pankrazju), Sand Couch (Sikrana tar-Ramel), and many more.


Majjistral Nature and History Park, responsible for the project, urges visitors to respect the closed-off areas and refrain from littering. By doing so, they can contribute to the continued growth of these endangered plants and help preserve their fragile ecosystem.

📸 Alex Casha