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Ex-Prisoner Arrested Again Hours After Being Released

While a man was celebrating his three-year release from prison, he got drunk and ended up back in jail after resisting arrest and lightly injuring a police officer’s arm.
Mohammed M. Mahdi, a 40-year-old man of Libyan descent, was detained on Saturday at around 3:20 pm while out with friends in Spinola Gardens in St. Julian’s, a court heard on Monday.
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With glass bottles in their hands, the group complied when the police got involved with the exception of Mahdi, who, the court was informed during his arraignment, seized a police officer and twisted his arm.
After being detained, he was escorted to the St. Julian’s police station, where he insulted two additional on-duty policemen. Mahdi, who is now sober, pleaded not guilty to charges of insulting, threatening, and assault. The arrested man claimed that he was celebrating the “start of a new life”.
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Photo: The Malta Police Force
Bail was not granted by the court due to concerns that the man would not be able to abide by bail conditions.