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Car Sent Flying After Loose Tyre Crashes Into It

A viral video circulating online captures a dramatic traffic collision, where a loose tire from a pickup truck collided with a Kia Soul, causing the car to soar into the air.


Uploaded on Twitter by user Anoop_Khatra, the footage shows the accident on Chatsworth’s 118 Freeway, where the truck’s tire dislodged and crashed into the car’s front, launching it into the air. The car eventually crashed down, and the tire hit it again from behind.


The video has gained more than 11.5 million views.


Many viewers initially believed the footage to be fake, assuming it was a behind-the-scenes clip from a Hollywood action film.


However, news outlets verified the incident, and an update on the driver revealed that they survived unscathed.


Anoop, who captured the event from his Tesla, noted that the car’s autopilot feature helped him avoid the tire. Several individuals praised the driver’s resilience and applauded the Kia Soul’s ability to withstand the impact.

⚠️Trigger warning ⚠️

See the video here: