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17-Year-Old Kacey Sciberras Identified As Crash Victim

17 Kacey Sciberras Crash Victim

Rest in Peace 🕊 Kacey Sciberras has been identified as the 17-year-old who passed away in the accident that occurred in Attard at around 3am today.   Kacey was an active member of St Paul’s Bay’s Committee of the Festa Santa Marija Sultana tal-Martri and also a student at ITS.   The driver of the […]

Car Lifted With Crane After Crashing Into Building

Late last night in Marsaskala, a driver lost control of their vehicle and collided with a building, as depicted in a video sent to 89.7 Bay 😲   Residents were seen on the street after the incident around 10pm.   The video shows a white car by the side of the road, with significant damage […]

Google Maps Car Caught Running Over Biker

A collision between a motorcyclist and a Google Maps car was recorded and uploaded to the navigation site, where it has gained attention and become viral on Reddit. Google Maps cars, known for scanning roads worldwide, often capture unexpected, frightening, or entertaining moments. The exact location of the accident is unknown as the coordinates have […]

Car Sent Flying After Loose Tyre Crashes Into It

A viral video circulating online captures a dramatic traffic collision, where a loose tire from a pickup truck collided with a Kia Soul, causing the car to soar into the air.   Uploaded on Twitter by user Anoop_Khatra, the footage shows the accident on Chatsworth’s 118 Freeway, where the truck’s tire dislodged and crashed into […]

A Self Driving Tesla Causes An 8 Vehicle Crash

An eight-vehicle collision occurred on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, which the driver of a 2021 Tesla claimed was due to a malfunction of the vehicle’s “Self-Driving” feature.   According to the driver, the Tesla was operating in “full self-driving mode” at the time of the incident, as reported to California authorities. See the video […]