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Beyonce Flies Out Disabled Fan After Being Denied From Airline Due To Wheelchair

TikTok came together to support a disabled Beyoncé fan who faced disappointment when his plans to see the superstar were thwarted 🤩


Jon Hetherington had originally intended to travel to Seattle to attend Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour performance. However, when he arrived to board his Alaska Airlines flight, he was disheartened to learn that the plane couldn’t accommodate his wheelchair.


This left Jon, a resident of Oregon, unable to make the journey to see Beyoncé. Refusing to give up, he posted a video to his TikTok followers, which numbered around 22,000 at the time. Despite usually garnering only a couple of hundred views for his videos, this particular video quickly amassed around 90,000 views, with individuals tagging Beyoncé and her production company, Parkwood Entertainment. Soon after, Jon was en route to witness her performance in Dallas, Texas.