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89.7 Bay Trophy To Take Place Between St. Andrew’s FC, Marsa FC & Nadur YS FC

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Saturday, August 19th, starting at 6:00 PM at 📍LUXOL STADIUM 🗓️, St. Andrew’s FC, Marsa FC, and Nadur YS FC will be playing for 89.7 Bay Trophy as a friendly tournament!

In addition to complying with MFA and UEFA regulations, the following rules will be in effect as part of the Tournament Regulations.

Each team will engage in a 45-minute round-robin sequence as follows:

First match: Nadur YS FC vs Marsa FC (45 minutes)
Second match: St. Andrews FC vs Nadur YS FC (45 minutes)
Third match: Marsa FC vs St. Andrews FC (45 minutes)

In the event of a draw, an immediate penalty shootout comprising 5 kicks per team will determine the winner.

A team victorious within the standard 45 minutes will secure 3 points. A team prevailing through a penalty shootout will earn 2 points. A team that loses in a penalty shootout will be awarded 1 point.