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5 Planets Will Be Visible Tonight All At Once

Make sure to mark your calendar for a rare cosmic event happening this month – five planets in our solar system will be visible from Earth at the same time in March, including Uranus.


This year is expected to be eventful in terms of celestial happenings, with several planetary alignments coming up over the next few months.


There are two common definitions of planetary alignments, one being when planets gather closely on one side of the Sun, and the other being a visual phenomenon where planets appear close together in a small area of the sky from Earth’s perspective.


On the evening of 28 March, stargazers are in for a treat as Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars will be gathering in a 50-degree sector of the sky. To spot them, start observing using binoculars soon after sunset to see Jupiter and Mercury in the constellation of Pisces, while Venus will be visible higher up in the Aries constellation.


Although 28 March is the best day to see them, you can still observe them using a telescope for a few days after.