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Tinder Now Allows Friends & Family To Suggest Matches

Would you consider swiping right for this feature?       Navigating the dating world can sometimes feel like a challenging journey, with the added pressure of gaining the approval of your partner’s friends and family. However, Tinder, the dating app, has taken an innovative step by introducing the Tinder Matchmaker feature. This feature allows […]

Obsessing Over Celebrities Is Linked To Lower Intelligence

Well, that explains it 🤣     New research suggests that individuals who are obsessed with Hollywood gossip and celebrity culture might exhibit lower cognitive abilities.   According to a study conducted in Hungary and published in BMC Psychology, a clear connection was established between intense celebrity adoration and poorer performance in cognitive assessments.   […]

Fan Rents Billboard To Invite Drake To Birthday Party

  She shot her shot, will he accept? 🤔     A 15-year-old Drake fan named Miya Garcia has taken a bold step in inviting Drake for her sixteenth birthday party by renting out a billboard!   Miya has been a fan of Drake for a long time, and with her mother’s help and support, […]