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4 In 10 Admit They’ve Tasted Their Pet’s Food

In a world where culinary curiosity knows no bounds, pet owners have taken their taste buds on a wild ride!         39 percent of pet owners go so far as to test the product on themselves first, with food (56%) and treats (53%) being the most typical items tasted first!     […]

Woman Caught Filling Water Bottle From Trevi Fountain

During the previous month in Rome, a tourist took their sightseeing escapade to the extreme by scaling one of the ancient city’s renowned attractions.   Captured on video by a fellow observer, a woman was seen ascending the iconic Trevi Fountain – an 18th-century masterpiece and one of the city’s prime tourist draws. The footage, […]

Taylor Swift Declines 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Her show would have definitely broken the internet… Reportedly, Taylor Swift has turned down the opportunity to grace the stage at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. While the specific rationale behind her decision remains undisclosed, speculation centers around the demands of her hectic schedule as a potential factor. With the impending release of her […]

Britney Spears & Husband Heading For Divorce After 14 Months Married

Pop icon Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are reportedly heading for a divorce according to TMZ after 14 months of marriage due to cheating rumours. Through these allegations Britney’s husband Sam, had confronted her about the rumours which lead to a heated argument between the two, Sam has chosen to move out of their shared […]

8 Thrift Shops In Malta & Gozo You Should Visit

Happy Thrift Shop Day! On this day, we celebrate sustainability and creativity, encouraging people to explore the charm of thrift shopping.         Malta, with its rich history and unique culture, offers a wide selection of thrift shops that are perfect for those seeking one-of-a-kind items and eco-friendly finds. From vintage fashion to […]