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Woman Caught Filling Water Bottle From Trevi Fountain

During the previous month in Rome, a tourist took their sightseeing escapade to the extreme by scaling one of the ancient city’s renowned attractions.


Captured on video by a fellow observer, a woman was seen ascending the iconic Trevi Fountain – an 18th-century masterpiece and one of the city’s prime tourist draws. The footage, shared on TikTok, showcases the tourist, attired in white capri pants and a blue shirt, positioning an empty plastic bottle beneath one of the fountain’s cascades, apparently collecting water from the spout.

Onlookers gazed in astonishment as she ventured into and out of the fountain, which around 1,000 visitors frequent every hour.

Once her bottle was filled, she skillfully navigated the uneven stones to exit the fountain and return to the observation area, where other tourists were stationed.

A police officer adorned in a vibrant yellow vest bearing the inscription “Polizia Roma Capitale” sounded her whistle as the woman emerged from the fountain. The officer then engaged in a brief dialogue with the tourist and subsequently guided her away from the historical site.