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Unwashed Pillow Cases Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

This study definitely won’t help you sleep at night…


According to a recent report shared by Amerisleep, an unwashed pillowcase could potentially harbor a staggering 3 million bacteria within a mere week. Surprisingly, this amount is approximately 17,000 times greater than what is typically found on an average toilet seat.


The study involved an analysis of cleanliness data pertaining to mattresses, linens, and pillowcases, shedding light on the potential presence of harmful pathogens concealed within the bedding.


These distressing particles, including allergens, fungi, and dead skin, are not something you would want to snuggle up with at night. Furthermore, they have the unfortunate ability to attract dust mites—microscopic creatures that thrive on discarded skin cells.


Experts strongly advise regularly changing pillowcases, emphasizing the importance of doing so more frequently than just once a week or month. Dr. Hadley King, speaking to Well+Good, warns that dust mites are attracted to your bed due to the availability of their primary sources of sustenance: dead skin cells and sweat. This, in turn, promotes their rapid multiplication.