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World’s Most Expensive Cheese Sold For €30,000

The record books have been rewritten with a cheese that’s got everyone saying, “Say cheese!” 🧀🌍



Breaking all the dairy barriers, the famous cabrales blue cheese from Spain’s northern corners clinched the crown for the planet’s priciest cheese. A hefty 2.2kg wheel strutted its stuff at an auction, fetching a jaw-dropping €30,000!

But that’s not all – this cheese sensation didn’t stop at just being expensive. It swept the awards too, grabbing the coveted title of “Best Cabrales of the Year” at the principality’s 51st annual showdown. Guillermo Pendás, the cheese maestro behind this masterpiece from the Los Puertos factory, shared, “We knew we had something special, but winning was like catching a shooting star!”

This cheese wonder, usually priced at a reasonable €35 to €40 per kilo, gets its deliciousness from raw cow’s milk or a harmonious blend of cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk. Its secret maturation dance happens deep within the caves of the Cabrales area, nestled in the majestic Picos de Europa national park.

But hold on, the adventure doesn’t stop there! These mature cheeses embark on a daring journey downhill, carried lovingly by foot from their mountain caves.

In a twist of fate, the previous Guinness World Record holder – a cheese that also fell into the hands of Mr. Suárez – was outdone. Back in 2019, it set tongues wagging with a record price of €20,500. But now, the cabrales blue cheese reigns supreme, proving that when it comes to cheese, nothing is too cheesy for the record books!