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UK University Offering Degree In Magic & Occult

Looking for a magical degree?🪄



The University of Exeter is making history by launching the United Kingdom’s postgraduate program in Magic and Occult Sciences🧙‍♀️


In response to the widespread fascination with folklore, witchcraft, tarot readings, and the mystique of crystals, this course will delve into the profound historical and societal implications of witchcraft and magic across different cultures.


Prof Emily Selove, who leads the course, said: “A recent surge in interest in magic and the occult inside and outside academia lies at the heart of the most urgent questions of our society. Decolonisation, the exploration of alternative epistemologies, feminism, and anti-racism are at the core of this programme.”


Selove stated that the course is being shown interest, with the university already receiving inquiries about it.


This degree will start being offered as of September 2024!