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Travis Scott Shocked After No One Recognises Him

Travis Scott is currently gaining widespread attention for the wrong reasons, following the circulation of a video on social media in which he goes unnoticed during a visit to Japan.

In the video, which has been viewed over 13 million times on Twitter, the popular rapper appears to be anticipating a swarm of fans as he poses for a photo. Standing in the middle of a bustling intersection in Tokyo, he covers his face with a graphic hoodie in an attempt to capture a stylish shot for his social media accounts.


Despite dramatically revealing his face by pulling down his hood and pausing for effect, the 31-year-old is met with indifference as pedestrians continue to rush past him.


Although he attempts to shrug off the moment with a smile and rejoin his crew, the incident has still been widely regarded as an embarrassing one, leaving many viewers feeling second-hand embarrassment for the celebrity.

See the viral video here: