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Tommy Fury Wins By 1 Point In Match Against KSI

The controversial score has fans battling whether KSI should have won…



Tommy Fury emerged victorious over KSI in a six-round cruiserweight showdown held in Manchester, securing a majority decision.

In the professional boxing match, two judges scored it 57-56 in favor of Fury, while a third judge marked it as a 57-57 tie. However, Fury’s triumph was overshadowed by a contentious points verdict due to his 12 successful jabs and 39 landed punches, surpassing KSI’s 38 punches, even though Fury had a point deducted for an illegal rabbit punch.

Following the fight, KSI, renowned as a YouTube personality, rapper, and boxer, expressed his dismay, stating, “It’s a robbery, how many jabs did he land? I’m the YouTuber, you’re the boxer, I understand, you have to win. I want to appeal.”