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Tiktoker Surprised By Strict Dresscode In Rome

Dress code disasters in Rome?



A cautionary message from an Australian tourist in Rome urges future visitors to consider the dress code of renowned landmarks and plan their attire accordingly.


Jacki Hodge, a 26-year-old traveler, took to TikTok to share her experience. Accompanied by an image of herself in a white summer dress, she highlighted the need for others to be mindful of the regulations. She advised packing a scarf or jacket and choosing garments that cover the knees, especially when visiting the Museum of the Dead. Jacki found herself waiting outside while her friends explored these must-see attractions.


Her valuable suggestion was to “stay informed and dress appropriately,” avoiding outfits like crop tops and short shorts to sidestep receiving peculiar glances or being denied access to churches and monuments across Europe.


Since its upload last month, the video has amassed 1.9 million views and sparked conversations about cultural unawareness among viewers’ comments.