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There Are More Restaurants In Malta Than In Paris & NYC

Malta really is the country for foodies 👀


As reported by, Malta can proudly claim a higher concentration of restaurants than some of the world’s major metropolises, including New York, Paris, and London.

When considering both the local populace and visitors, Malta outshines New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, and Dubai in terms of dining options, as revealed by recent data. While it’s important to acknowledge that the data may have some occasional gaps and estimations for both Malta and the aforementioned cities, these findings corroborate the claims made by the Association of Catering Establishments, which suggests that Malta has an excess of dining establishments.

The report centers on licenses issued by the Malta Tourism Authority, indicating a grand total of 837 restaurants, 1077 snack bars, 188 take-out joints, 56 kiosks, and 480 bars, resulting in a combined tally of 2,638.

With a staggering 3,000 restaurants catering to a population of 542,000, Malta distinguishes itself with an astonishingly low ratio of just 180 residents per restaurant, underscoring fierce competition—a figure that outshines any other destination scrutinized.

For context, Dubai follows closely behind with 13,000 restaurants serving a population of 3.5 million, while Paris boasts an impressive 44,000 restaurants and a metropolitan population of 13 million, resulting in a ratio of 295 residents per restaurant.