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The Biggest Complainers Are Called Sarah & David

It’s surprisingly not Karen 😂



Regrettably, Karen has become closely associated with the act of expressing grievances, and sometimes, even more negative behaviours. This reputation is often tied to various aspects, such as their hairstyle or their swift propensity to launch into an enraged diatribe. Remarkably, a prosperous multinational restaurant chain named Karen’s Diner has capitalized on this term.

Nevertheless, it has come to light that the Karens of the world have been unfairly singled out. Recent research has unveiled that they are not the most prolific complainers, by a significant margin. TrustPilot conducted an investigation, revealing that the name David topped the list of individuals who submitted one-star reviews, with over 20,000 Davids lodging complaints with the lowest rating. Close behind were 19,562 Pauls. Subsequent names on the list included John, Chris, Mark, and James, with Sarah being the first female entry, garnering 13,971 one-star ratings. Emma was the sole other female among the top 15 names on this list.


It’s intriguing that we possess a name like Karen, signifying women who voice complaints or seek to converse with a manager, while men lack a similar name to categorize their complaints collectively. TrustPilot delved deeper into specific categories, where David consistently ranked highest for one-star reviews in Electronics and Technology, Home and Garden, and Money and Insurance. Sarah, on the other hand, dominated in the Beauty and Wellbeing and Shopping and Fashion categories for one-star reviews.

Ironically, Karen ranked 13th on the list of people who left the most five-star reviews. TrustPilot pointed out that Alex and Emma, who occupied the 14th and 15th positions on the one-star list, were conspicuously absent from the top 15 for five-star reviews. In the Beauty and Wellbeing category, the most five-star reviews were left by Sarah, David, and Karen, while in the Shopping and Fashion category, Sarah and David, along with Paul, were the most frequent providers of five-star reviews.