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Teens Visit Dead Friends’ Grandma For Breakfast


“I’ve lost my 15-year-old grandson, but in his place, Sam gave me 30 extra grandbabies”



Sam Crowe used to share stories about his grandmother’s breakfast with his friends, to the point where they all started gathering at her house every Wednesday morning. Even after the untimely passing of the 15-year-old teen in an accident, his friends have continued the tradition of joining his grandmother for breakfast every Wednesday!

During his freshman year at Bishop DuBourg High School, Sam and his friends would typically grab breakfast at a diner or QuikTrip on Wednesdays when the school had a late start. However, Sam insisted that his grandmother, Peggy Winckowski, known as Grandma Peggy, made a far superior breakfast. With Grandma Peggy’s enthusiastic approval, the small group of teens began convening at her house at 7 a.m. for breakfast, and this tradition persisted every week thereafter.

Grandma Peggy expressed her joy, stating, “Wednesday is my most favorite day of the week. I will feed them as long as they will come. They’re going to be protected, they’re going to be loved, and they’re definitely going to be fed.”