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Teen Donates Money He Collects From Bottle Returns

Inspiring generosity!

An unnamed local youth has received praise for their efforts in collecting bottles and cleaning up the environment in Valletta, and then generously donating the proceeds to the elderly in the community.

Initially, a post on Facebook accused the youth of illegally scavenging through other people’s trash and raised suspicions that they might be misusing the BCRS scheme to profit from the bottles while leaving the city littered with trash.

However, Anton Rea Cutajar later shared a post revealing the truth about the youth’s actions. It turns out that the youth was genuinely collecting bottles to keep the streets clean and was selflessly using the money earned from the bottles to support the elderly in their neighborhood.

Anton Rea Cutajar commended the youth, stating that they are truly deserving of recognition, not only with the Ġieħ ir-Repubblika award but also with an award in heaven for their kind and compassionate actions.