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Zoo Puts People In Cages While Animals Roam Free

Zoo Cages Animals

  What are your thoughts on this?     At the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing, China, the animals are free to wander around the zoo while people are caged.   During an interview, the zoo stated that visitors can experience the thrill of  being stalked and attacked by wild animals without any danger or risks. […]

Endangered Monkey Species Born In UK Zoo

Monkey business unleashed 🐒   Chester Zoo celebrates the arrival of a rare Sulawesi crested macaque monkey, offering hope for species conservation.   The recent birth of this primate holds significant importance, as experts believe it could play a crucial role in protecting the species from extinction. Over the past three decades, the Sulawesi crested […]

Walks Around UK Town After Escaping Zoo

A cheeky red panda managed to escape from a local zoo and took an unexpected stroll through the streets of a town in the United Kingdom.     The adorable creature named Sundara caught the attention of warehouse workers in Newquay, England, who were left astonished as they witnessed her leisurely “saunter” down the road. […]

Zoo Welcomes 1st Polar Bear Cub After 21 Years

Zoo Polar Bear Cub

  In 21 years, a German zoo welcomed its first cub of a polar bear.     The birth of Victoria the polar bear was announced by Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg, which described it as a “minor sensation” because the zoo hasn’t welcomed a new member of the species in nearly two decades.   Victoria […]