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Maltese Summer Heat Might Arrive Earlier Than Expected

Although the official start of Summer is still two weeks away, the Maltese Islands are already bracing for a blast of hot, sunny weather more typical of peak season 🥵 According to forecasts, real-feel temperatures could soar as high as 36°C next Thursday, 13 June.   Highs are forecast to average above 30°C, peaking at […]

Temperatures Expected To Soar Up To 30°C Next Week

Get ready to soak up the sun as Malta gets a warm dose of an early summer next week! ☀️ Maltese Islands Weather predicts Wednesday, May 15th will be a standout day, with real-feel temps hitting a toasty 30 degrees. Temperatures will keep climbing throughout the week, with highs around a comfy 24 degrees. Even […]

Blood Rain Expected To Hit Malta & Gozo Next Week

Bad news to everyone who’s just washed their car😬     While April typically sees a blend of sunshine and occasional showers, the meteorological outlook for next Monday and Tuesday, as reported by the Facebook page Maltese Islands Weather, shows another two days of blood rain. Wind next weeks are expected to reach Force 6, […]

UK To Have Warmer Weather Than Malta This Week

The UK is having a taste of a Maltese summer!     The UK is expected to have great weather this week, with the hottest day of the year predicted by the Met Office.   The sun is out and people are enjoying outdoor activities. The highest temperature recorded so far this year was 25.1C, […]

Summer Weather Expected To Start Later This Year

Bad news for summer lovers!   In recent days, the prevailing weather patterns have been attributed to fluctuating climate conditions rather than climate change, according to a statement from a meteorology expert.   The expert further mentioned that this year, summer is anticipated to commence later than usual and extend beyond its usual timeframe, accompanied […]

Weather Reporter Passes Out On Live TV

weather reporter passes out

During a live morning broadcast on CBS Los Angeles KCAL News, the co-anchors noticed that something was wrong when weather presenter Alissa Carlson Schwartz appeared to be unwell.     As they were wrapping up their segment and handing over to Alissa for the 7:00am weather update, she suddenly slumped backwards and fell unconscious.   […]