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WATCH: Aquarium Toilet In Japan Goes Viral On TikTok

Aquarium Toilet Japan TikTok

  How would you feel using the bathroom with fish looking at you?     There is a café in Akashi, Japan, that has a unique bathroom inside of an aquarium filled with rare fish and turtles. This incredible toilet swept social media by storm and left all our jaws dropped.   This one-of-a-kind restroom allows cafe customers to enjoy the company of lovely fish and even a friendly turtle as they take care of their […]

Unwashed Pillow Cases Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

This study definitely won’t help you sleep at night…   According to a recent report shared by Amerisleep, an unwashed pillowcase could potentially harbor a staggering 3 million bacteria within a mere week. Surprisingly, this amount is approximately 17,000 times greater than what is typically found on an average toilet seat.   The study involved […]