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Things You Should Do This Month Before Summer Ends

Things Month Summer

How is it September already?     Now that summer is almost over and we’re starting to wish we had just a little more time to enjoy the sunniest months of the year, here’s a bucket list of things you should do this month.   Check out how you can make the most of these […]

Things That Happen During Every Festa Marċ

Things Festa Marċ

  It’s festa season and I’m sure you’ve all attended or at least heard about the iconic marċ.     So if you’re planning on attending one for the first time – here are some things to expect from a Maltese festa marċ.     Getting covered with beer Ending up with a heat stroke […]

Classic Things We All Used To Do In Our Childhood

Classic Things Childhood

  We bet you’ve done one of these for sure!     Check out some of the most classic and iconic things we’ve surely done when we were younger:   Sticking hair clips on fingers     Circling your fingers around running water     Twisting the school bag string     Running your fingers […]