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Local Councillor Bikes From Malta To Sweden In 41 Days

Councillor Bikes Malta Sweden

  Local councillor Steve Zammit Lupi from Żebbuġ has arrived in Stockholm, Sweden after a 41-day biking journey from Malta.     Throughout his trip, Zammit Lupi cycled through 6 European countries and had only 5 rest days in total.     He took to social media to announce this massive accomplishment. “I can’t believe […]

Sweden To Build An Entire City From Wood By 2027

Sweden City Wood 2027

  Would you live here?     The largest wooden city in the world is being built in Stockholm, Sweden to set new standards for environmentally friendly innovation.   Stockholm Wood City will cover 250,000 square meters and intends to revolutionize the real estate industry with its wooden masterpieces.     Construction methods are being revolutionized to embrace circular material flows […]

Prices In Sweden Went Up From Beyonce’s Ticket Sales

Beyonce said, Okay ladies now let’s raise the inflation 🐝👑 Sweden witnessed an extraordinary surge in demand for hotels and restaurant meals following the commencement of the singer’s highly anticipated world tour in the country last month. The impact of this frenzy is now evident in Sweden’s economic statistics 💸   In a surprising turn […]

Sweden Officially Declares Sex As A Sport

Sweden made a ground-breaking declaration recognizing sex as a sport and announcing the “European Sex Championship.”     This unusual contest will test competitors’ physical stamina while celebrating the art of connection through up to six-hour long sex sessions. The competition, which will begin on June 8 and last for six weeks, will draw competitors […]

Sweden Wins This Year’s Eurovision Song Contest

sweden eurovision 2023 loreen

  Loreen from Sweden has once again proven to be a true Eurovision champion, winning the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest with her electrifying song ‘Tattoo.’ The singer had been a favourite to win from the very beginning, and she did not disappoint.   This is not Loreen’s first time winning the contest, having won it […]