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Woman Not Allowed On Rides Because Of Her Boobs

Looks like it could be a hazard 😅   Meet Katy Ann, a woman who has invested over €34,450 to enhance her bust size through multiple surgeries, transforming from a natural C to a double D cup at the young age of 20.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by […]

Man Pays €170K To Become 5 Inches Taller

short man surgery taller

  There’s still some hope for Jamie then 😅     A man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who had been struggling with self-doubt over his 5ft5in height for years, has undergone “excruciatingly painful” leg surgery to add five inches to his stature.     Moses Gibson, 41, has been dealing with insecurities that severely affected his […]

Fans Shocked After Seeing Liam Payne’s New Face

liam payne new face

Do you think he’s had some surgery done? 👀     Fans of Liam Payne were in for a surprise as they caught sight of the One Direction star at Louis Tomlinson’s ‘All of Those Voices’ documentary premiere in London.   I see no difference — Ivy (fan acc) (@taysmaroonn) March 18, 2023   […]