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7 Classic Snacks That Remind You Of Summer

Classic Snacks Summer

  If you’ve never had any of these snacks, you never experienced a proper Maltese summer!     Check out our top 7 most favourite snacks that remind us of summer:   Chewing gum ice-cream     Ftira biż-żejt     Mr Whippy ice-cream     Feast donuts      Candy floss     Snow […]

Iconic Snacks That Were A Huge Part Of Our Childhood

Iconic Snacks Childhood

  Our childhood wouldn’t have been the same without these iconic snacks!     Check out our list of  favourite snacks here:   The laughing cow cheese snack     The cigarette candy sticks     Monte yogurts     Babybel cheese     Milk flavour straws     Chocolate sponge cakes     Cheese […]