Sleeping On Your Left Can Lead To Nightmares

  According to a study, people who sleep on their left side are far more at risk of having nightmares!           The study said that sleeping on your left side makes you feel less safe, increasing the possibility of having nightmares often. On the other hand, people who slept on their […]

4 Tips To Stop Feeling Tired All The Time

  Feeling drained all the time? Here are four top 4 from experts that may just help you overcome the tiredness!   #1 Eat a well-balanced diet     An unsatisfying lunch can affect your concentration and focus. Redistribute your daily calories.     #2 Don’t trick too much caffeine   Tea is better than […]

Here’s Why You Have Bizarre & Vivid Dreams After Drinking

  If you ever experienced weird and vivid dreams after a night of drinking, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone…     After several people reported having bizarre dreams after drinking, mattress company Otty decided to explain why. Speaking to The Sun, they said: ‘When you go to bed following a heavy night of […]

Children risk obesity ‘owing to lack of sleep’

A third of primary school children are not getting enough sleep, putting them at risk of obesity, experts have warned. A new poll found that 43% of adults sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours a night. Around a third of primary and 70% of secondary school pupils sleep for less than nine […]

Parents urged to ban children’s phones at bedtime

Families should ban mobile phones at bedtime, according to one of Europe’s top doctors. The guidance has been published by Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood. She said social media use was disrupting children’s sleep and phones should be left outside the bedroom at night. Dr Calderwood said youngsters are waking up to read […]

Turn off children’s gadgets ‘an hour before bedtime’

Parents should avoid letting their children use mobile phones or tablets an hour before bedtime, according to experts. Doctors said there was now ‘clear scientific evidence’ that looking at screens such as smartphones and laptops can disrupt sleep and impact children’s health. They c;aimed that spending long periods on gadgets was also directly linked to […]

13 tips to sleep comfortably this summer in Malta

Malta is basking in the summer sunshine – and we’re all feeling pretty smug about it. But even though we’re enjoying the glorious weather in the Maltese Islands, there’s still a thing or two to moan about. If you’ve ever faced a sleepless night in the heat, you’ll know how brutal it can be to […]