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Jamie Cardona Announces New Comedy Solo-Play

Renowned Maltese actor Jamie Cardona has taken to social media to announce his latest venture – a solo-play that promises to deliver laughter and introspection in equal measure. Known for his compelling performances and charismatic presence on stage, Cardona is set to embark on a new journey, this time, showcasing his versatility and creativity in […]

Actor’s Show Sold Out After Posting That 1 Person Went

Actor Show Sold Out

  An actor’s tearful message about only one person coming to her show recently went viral on her social media.     Her tweet gained a lot of attention, with hundreds of supportive replies and over 11 million views. Many celebrities and artists also chimed in to share their own embarrassing stories.   There was […]

Applications For MasterChef Malta Officially Open

masterchef malta

Prepare for the scorching arrival of a global culinary sensation on Maltese television, as it opens its doors for applications! 🤩   MasterChef, inspired by the renowned British BBC series, is set to grace the Maltese airwaves in February 2024, delivering a delectable showcase of culinary innovation, intense challenges, and the ultimate pursuit of gastronomic […]

Grandma Celebrates 80th Birthday With Magic Mike Show

Grandma 80 Birthday Magic Mike Show

  A grandmother was granted an amazing “last wish” when she celebrated her 80th birthday with a Magic Mike performance.   In order to give her mother Barbara, who was staying at an assisted living home, a wild 80th birthday, Katie Ingram, 44, partnered with Ranch Hands Cowboylesque to perform a raunchy cowboy show there.   […]