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Dog Goes Viral After Taking Selfies Around The Farm

Dog Viral Selfies Farm

  This farm dog called Preguntale has been going viral after mastering the selfie and going round the farm taking photos with other animals.     Pregunatale is a rescue dog that lives in Argentina with his owner Diego Martin Cuadro.   Cuadro came across Preguntale by chance back in 2016 in a field.   […]

Cute Dog Takes His Own Selfies For Instagram

Cute Dog Selfies Instagram

  We can’t get over this!     This cute dog has an Instagram account in which he posts his own selfies and documents his life for fans.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Saint (@selfiesaint)   His account called @selfiesaint has over 5k followers and people are obsessed […]

You Can Now Get Fined For Taking A Selfie In Portofino

If you’re someone who loves taking selfies when you travel, then Portofino, may not be the ideal place for you.   This town has imposed a rule in certain areas where you can’t stop to take pictures and prevent other tourists from admiring the beauty the place offers. If caught in these zones, you may […]