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Pizza Shop Offers Free Food To Homeless People

Pizza Shop Food Homeless

  We need more people like this!     Soon after opening in 2015, Jenny and Mike Stevens, owners of a Little Caesars restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota, began providing free pizza to the hungry and homeless.   Despite Mike’s struggle with cancer, they persisted in their work, joining forces in November 2016 with a […]

Pizza Eaten By Drake Is Being Sold For €466,000

  Lil Yachty, the popular American rapper, has made an interesting decision to put up for sale a partially eaten slice of pizza that was consumed by none other than the renowned artist known for the hit song ‘Hotline Bling,’ Drake.   During a recent livestream with online betting agency Stake, Yachty and Drake teamed […]

Pizza Delivery Guy Goes Viral For Catching Criminal

An American pizza delivery driver, Tyler Morrell, has become a viral sensation and hailed as a hero after he assisted police officers in apprehending a criminal while still holding onto a pizza he was delivering.   Caught on the residence’s door camera, Tyler tripped the suspect as he fled his getaway car, helping the officers […]