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Apple Announces A New Pink iPhone 15

The rumours have been confirmed: The pink iPhone has made its return.     During today’s Apple Event, a moment of anticipation swept through the audience as the iPhone 15 was unveiled on the screen in…pink. However, it’s important to note, that this isn’t the bold, vibrant pink that some may have been expecting. In […]

5 Beautiful Pink Beaches Worth Visiting In Europe

Beautiful Pink Beaches Europe

  These beaches look unreal!     If you’re looking for some instagrammable beaches this summer, Europe is full of some of the world’s prettiest pink sand beaches   The foraminifera, which are tiny marine organisms with red and pink shells, leave behind calcium carbonate elements and shattered coral fragments, which accumulate to form the […]

Woman Cancels Date After Man Ditches Pink For Barbie

An amusing incident unfolded when a woman decided to cancel her date after her boyfriend refused to wear pink to the Barbie movie! 😂⁠   Sharing her dilemma on the Reddit forum ‘Am I The A**hole,’ she narrated her request to her boyfriend to go to the cinema both dressed in pink, as a way […]