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New York Accent Is The Least Attractive Worldwide

  Sad day for New Yorkers😥     In a recent survey carried out by Highland Titles, researchers asked 1,000 Americans to share their opinions on which accents they find attractive and not attractive.   Interestingly, the accent that received the least favourable rating was none other than the New York accent🗽   Taking the […]

New York Called The ‘Most Bougie State In America

New York Bougie State America

  A recent survey named New York the ‘most bougie’ state in the United States due to its thirst for upscale couture, brands, and fashion.     According to reports, New Yorkers have the best taste in brands, products, and materials, whereas West Virginia, Wyoming, and Kentucky have been named as states that favour “knockoff” […]

Smoke From Canada Fires Turns New York Orange

Millions confined indoor in New York..     A huge cloud of smoke from the wildfires in Quebec has forced millions of people to stay indoors and grounded aircraft in New York City, forcing children to stay inside from Maryland to Canada’s capital.   Due to the smoke, which caused iconic skylines to vanish behind […]