All Patients In Drug Trial Fully Cured Of Cancer

  A new drug called “Dostarlimab” has proven to be 100% successful to curing cancer when tested on 18 patients and curing them all. The drug consists of laboratory-produced molecules that act as substitute antibodies in the human body.       Dr Luis A. Diaz Jr. of New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center […]

Maltese Man Delivers Medicine To Ukrainians

  Marc Edward Pace Portanier, a Maltese citizen who went up to Poland, recently travelled 400 kilometres to bring medications to Ukrainian immigrants.   @marc.edward Driving 200km for medical supplies for 💙💛 #ukraine #supportukraine #ukrainewar #ukrainetiktok #war #saveukriane #ykpaiha #fyp #goviral #standtogether ♬ оригінальний звук – city__resident   Marc Edward recently travelled to Poland to help […]

New Breast Cancer Medicine To Be Offered In Malta

  The Maltese Islands will soon be stocking a new treatment for cancer as the country starts the process to acquire it.     The Ministry of Health has announced that it has launched the process to obtain a new treatment for cancer treatment right after it was certified by the European Medicines Authority (EMA) […]