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5 Things Every Maltese Person Loves

Tell us which of these is your favourite👇🏽 Nanna’s cooking Pastizzi Going crazy when ‘Sweet Caroline’ starts playing Black Friday deals Acting as a 24/7 surveillance camera What are other things you love?

Pope Says Church May Start Blessing Same Sex Couples

The Pope proves that love wins every time! 🌈🙏 Pope Francis has proposed the potential blessing of same-sex unions in a recent public response to cardinals who questioned his support for the LGBTQ community in the Catholic Church. In a July letter, written in Spanish, he reiterated the Church’s well-established understanding of marriage as an […]

Falling In Love Increases The Chances Of Getting Fat

Love Increases Fat

  It’s not weight gain… it’s love!   A study found that couples weigh more than single people, despite leading healthier lifestyles and consuming more fruits and vegetables.   The study was led by Stephanie Schoeppe from Central Queensland University who found out that this may be because people in a couple are no longer […]

7 Things We Love About Maltese Summers

Love Maltese Summers

  If you’re a local looking for ways to spend your summer in Malta or someone looking for reasons to give the islands a visit, this is for you!     Check out all the things we love about summers in Malta:   Malta is ideal for beach hopping     The perfect instagrammable spots […]

Chinese Uni Gives Students A Week To Fall In Love

Chinese Uni Students Love

  During a weeklong spring break in April, nine vocational colleges in China want their students to go out and find love.     This revelation was made as a result of China’s rapidly declining birth rate, and they are making every effort to combat it.   In addition to writing a growth report, students […]

Harry Styles Spotted Kissing Emily Ratajkowski

Looks like Harry quickly got over Olivia Wilde 👀   Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski have ignited rumors of a possible romance after being caught on video kissing in Tokyo on March 25th. — Pop Base (@PopBase) March 26, 2023 The act of love happened on the same day that Styles performed at […]