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Maltese Childhood Games We All Loved Playing

Which game was your favourite?🏃‍♂️     These beloved Maltese childhood games were a staple in our childhood🤩 Leapfrog Tug of war Passju Il-qbiz tal-lastiku Marbles From leapfrog to tug of war, these classic games will remain Maltese favourites🥰      

7 Facebook Games We All Played Growing Up

Facebook Games Growing Up

  Throwback to the days when we were all addicted to these Facebook games!     Who else spent hours planting crops, solving mysteries, and building virtual empires?   Check out the games here:   FarmVille     Criminal Case     Pet Society     Happy Aquarium     PetVille     Cafe World […]

13-Yr-Old Spends €60K Of Family Savings On Games

Beware the gaming rabbit hole!     The news of a 13-year-old girl in China who allegedly pilfered $64,000 from her mother and splurged a staggering $449,500 on mobile app games within a mere four-month span has created a frenzy across social media platforms. This incident sheds light on the girl’s reported addiction to online […]

Top 9 Classic Childhood Nintendo DS Games

Classic Childhood Nintendo Games

  If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo – you surely remember some of these classic games!     Check out our favourite childhood games here:   Super Mario Bros     Mario Kart     Cooking Mama     Nintendogs     Pokemon games     Tetris      Animal Crossing     The Legend […]

7 Iconic Mobile Games From Our Childhood

Iconic Mobile Games Childhood

  These games were a major part of our childhood!     We decided to round up some of the most iconic and popular mobile games from the 2010s for some nostalgia.   Check out our favourites:   Subway Surfers     Angry Birds     Fruit Ninja     Temple Run     Candy […]