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Friends Cast Address Matthew Perry’s Passing

“We were more than just cast mates.” 💔     The cast of Friends have released a joint statement after Matthew Perry’s passing.   “We are all so utterly devastated by the loss of Matthew. We were more than just cast mates. We are a family. There is so much to say, but right now […]

Grandma Hosts Parties For Kids Who Have No Friends

Grandma Parties Kids Friends

  We need more people like her!     A grandma called Ronie Williams decided to host a community party for children who struggle with making friends.   Ronie’s grandson Jacob who is on the autism spectrum, served as her source of inspiration for these parties.     She observed that children with special needs, or as she prefers to refer to them, “unique children,” frequently had trouble inviting people to their celebrations or even getting invites themselves.  

7 Friends Buy Their Dream Home To Retire Together

Friends Dream Home Retire

  This group of 7 best friends decided to build their dream retirement home and spend the rest of their lives together.   They paid $580,000 to turn an old 700-square-meter house in the green hills of Guangzhou into the house of their dreams.     The 3-story house features a spacious room for gatherings, […]

Red Flags In Friendships You Should Look Out For

Not all friendships are positive and beneficial.   In fact, certain friends can be extremely harmful, and identifying the red flags can be overlooked.   Here are some tips for you to look out for yourself in your friendships. 1. They don’t match your energy   2. They don’t respect your boundaries 3. You feel […]

Friends-Themed House Up For Sale For €310k

Friends Themed House Sale

  We all know someone that’s THIS obsessed with Friends!     Let’s admit that we’ve all lusted after Monica and Rachel’s apartment from Friends.     If you’re that obsessed, check out this two-bedroom house up for sale for €310k. The property features a Central-Perk themed living room, a mural of the fountain from […]