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Festival Called ‘Kukur Tihar’ Devoted To Honouring Dogs

Festival Kukur Tihar Dogs

  As they deserve!     This annual Hindu celebration called Kukur Tihar, which takes place on the second day of Tihar, has originated in Nepal. Dogs are worshipped on this day in order to please Yama, the god of death, as they are thought to be his messengers.   Tilaka is used to decorate […]

Fyre Festival Founder Launches Tickets For Fyre 2

Amidst controversy, the founder of the infamous Fyre Festival Billy McFarland announced that tickets for the second edition of the festival are now on sale. The disastrous 2017 event left attendees stranded and disappointed and led to not one but two documentaries which showed the extreme conditions that festival goers experienced. The entrepreneur was previously […]

Festival Inspired Outfits To Rock This Summer

  It’s getting hot in here🥵, and it’s not just the weather!       If you’re heading to some of the hottest festivals this summer, your outfit needs to make heads turn and jaws drop!                               Whether you’re going with […]