Elon Musk Will Give Twitter To MrBeast If He Mysteriously Dies

  After tweeting about his potential mysterious death, Elon Musk said he would give Twitter to MrBeast if he dies.   In the tweet Elon Musk said: “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.” Without wishing him any death or harm, MrBeast replied back to his tweet saying he would gladly […]

Maltese Student To Start Working With Tesla Inc.

  Elon Musk is about to get a new Maltese employee! Christian Farrugia started out as a young Maltese student studying for his BsC in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Malta but has recently been hired by mega billion dollar car manufacturing giant, “Tesla, Inc.”.       At just 21 years old, […]

Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44 Billion

  With a $44bn deal to buy Twitter, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk now has gained full control over the social network with a strong userbase of 200 million which he has criticized often for not living up to its potential as a platform for “free speech”.     In a statement he posted to […]

Elon Musk Is Now Twitter’s Largest Shareholder

Elon Musk recently bought a 9.2% share of Twitter, making him the largest shareholder in the company.    Although Elon Musk hasn’t shared information on how much he paid for the shares, his stake was worth $2.9 billion in Friday and $3.5 billion after a spike on Monday. The purpose of the purchase or any […]