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Fan Rents Billboard To Invite Drake To Birthday Party

  She shot her shot, will he accept? 🤔     A 15-year-old Drake fan named Miya Garcia has taken a bold step in inviting Drake for her sixteenth birthday party by renting out a billboard!   Miya has been a fan of Drake for a long time, and with her mother’s help and support, […]

Drake’s Son Drops Debut Song ‘My Man Freestyle’

Drake’s child has ventured into the world of music.     Adonis, the 6-year-old son of the renowned rapper and artist Sophie Brussaux, has recently released a song titled “My Man Freestyle.”   On Sunday night, a few days following Adonis’ October 11th birthday, Drake took to Instagram to share his joy, saying, “Happy birthday […]

Drake Gives Fan $50K After Girlfriend Dumped Him

The ultimate breakup gift💸     During one of his concerts, Drake noticed a fan’s sign which said he spent all his savings for tickets for him and his girlfriend! When Drake asked if his girlfriend was in the audience with him, the man said no.   “What the f**k is wrong with her? And […]

Drake Posts Photo Of All The Bras He Received On Twitter

Prepare a bra if you’re going to a Drake concert 😂     Drake recently shared on Instagram his impressive assortment of bras that had been tossed onto the stage during his numerous concerts.   This bra-flinging tradition appears to have gained popularity among concert attendees as a way to show their appreciation while he […]

Pizza Eaten By Drake Is Being Sold For €466,000

  Lil Yachty, the popular American rapper, has made an interesting decision to put up for sale a partially eaten slice of pizza that was consumed by none other than the renowned artist known for the hit song ‘Hotline Bling,’ Drake.   During a recent livestream with online betting agency Stake, Yachty and Drake teamed […]