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7 Classic Snacks That Remind You Of Summer

Classic Snacks Summer

  If you’ve never had any of these snacks, you never experienced a proper Maltese summer!     Check out our top 7 most favourite snacks that remind us of summer:   Chewing gum ice-cream     Ftira biż-żejt     Mr Whippy ice-cream     Feast donuts      Candy floss     Snow […]

Classic Things We All Used To Do In Our Childhood

Classic Things Childhood

  We bet you’ve done one of these for sure!     Check out some of the most classic and iconic things we’ve surely done when we were younger:   Sticking hair clips on fingers     Circling your fingers around running water     Twisting the school bag string     Running your fingers […]

Top 9 Classic Childhood Nintendo DS Games

Classic Childhood Nintendo Games

  If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo – you surely remember some of these classic games!     Check out our favourite childhood games here:   Super Mario Bros     Mario Kart     Cooking Mama     Nintendogs     Pokemon games     Tetris      Animal Crossing     The Legend […]