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Phrases Every Maltese Mum Has Said To Her Child

Phrases Maltese Mum Child

  We’re 100% sure these phrases were said to you, or you’ve heard them before!     Check out 8 phrases every Maltese mum has said to her child:   1. Jekk taqa’ nkompli ntik   2. Inġib iċ-ċintorin?   3. Saqsi lil missierek!   4. Ġej il-babaw   5. Il-ħbieb sal-bieb   6. Kollha […]

Florida Law Allows Death Penalty For Child Rapists

Florida legislature approves death penalty for child sexual abusers 😮   A recent bill endorsed by Florida lawmakers grants the state the authority to impose capital punishment on individuals convicted of sexually abusing minors. This amendment, championed by Governor Ron DeSantis, received bipartisan support and passed with a vote of 34-5 on Tuesday evening, and […]