Mario Farrugia’s Murder Suspect Arrested

  After the grisly murder of Mario Farrugia, police have identified a prime suspect.   Furthermore, they also investigated a property in Attard which may be linked to the case.     The suspect was apprehended by the police at 7PM on Wednesday. He is likely to be questioned today. Another man allegedly connected to […]

IPTV Channels To Be Blocked Soon In Malta

  IPTV subscribers may experience service interruptions after a judge ordered internet service providers to block access to hundreds of IP addresses in Malta that were identified as illegal content providers.   In a decision handed down on 2 February, the First Hall of the Civil Court ordered telecommunications firms to ban unlawful and unlicensed […]

Abner Aquilina Readmitted To Mount Carmel Hospital For Treatment

  Today’s sitting is the second one. Aquilina is not in court with sources having told MaltaToday that he has been readmitted to Mount Carmel Hospital for treatment.   Aquilina’s relatives were in court.     The court claims that it was informed by prison officials about 3 p.m. yesterday that the accused could not […]