WATCH: Child With Autism And Hyperlexia Can Write In Different Fonts

  The heart-warming story of this boy’s incredible talent to easily write in different fonts has gone viral!         @litttle.einstein 5 year old writing fonts with chalk.#autismawareness #hyperlexia #chalkart #fonts ♬ original sound – Sebastian   Although 5-year-old Sebastian has Autism and Hyperlexia, this has not stopped him from being able to […]

5-Year-Old Boy Donates His Piggy Bank Savings To Ukraine

  A five-year-old boy is doing his best to help those affected by war in Ukraine.  Liam Moore from Ontario, Canada managed to save up around $20 piggy bank money from doing chores and helping out around the house. Despite being in kindergarten, Liam thought he’d do his part to help those in need.   […]