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Police Officer Borrows Boy’s Tiny Bike To Chase Criminal

Police Officer Boy Bike Criminal

  What a heroic bike chase!   When duty called, PC Harriett Taylor didn’t hesitate to ask a young boy for help in chasing a suspected burglar. After asking kindly, she borrowed his bike, promising to return it. The young hero agreed, witnessing in awe as she chased down the suspect.   Check out the […]

Boy Rescues Drowning Man’s Life After Learning CPR From Stranger Things

Boy Drowning Man CPR Stranger Things

  12-year-old Austen MacMillan saved his behavioural therapist Jason Piquette from drowning after doing CPR.     Turns out that the boy taught himself CPR after watching the popular Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’.   Austen noticed that Jason was underwater for too long, so he jumped in the pool, pulled him to the pool steps […]

8-Year-Old Boy Lets Black Widow Bite Him To Be Spider-Man

Boy Black Widow Spider-Man

  We all thought about this growing up!     An 8-year-old boy from Bolivia allowed a black widow spider to bite him in order to achieve his dream of becoming Spider-Man.   The child searched for the spider until finding one under a stone.   He then proceeded to place it on the back […]

Waitress Hides Note To Save Boy From Abusive Parents

Waitress Note Boy Parents

  What a hero!     Following her quick-thinking decision to rescue a young boy from an abusive household, a waitress received a lot of internet praise.     The little kid was the only person at Carvalho’s table of four who did not receive food, and the boy’s stepfather, Timothy Wilson II, reportedly told […]