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Zoo Welcomes 1st Polar Bear Cub After 21 Years

Zoo Polar Bear Cub

  In 21 years, a German zoo welcomed its first cub of a polar bear.     The birth of Victoria the polar bear was announced by Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg, which described it as a “minor sensation” because the zoo hasn’t welcomed a new member of the species in nearly two decades.   Victoria […]

Bear goes viral for taking selfies in wildlife camera

A Bear has gone viral on social media after taking over 400 selfies on a hidden wildlife camera.     Those in charge of keeping an eye on wildlife behavior received a surprise from a motion-activated camera in Boulder, Colorado.   Boulder’s open space and mountain parks department, is responsible to preserve and safeguard the […]

‘Restaurant Bear’ Set Free After 20 Years Of Captivity

Historically “restaurant bears” are bears which were kept in small cages close to restaurants or hotels in order to attract tourists and onlookers.     The last ‘restaurant bear’ in Albania is a brown bear named Mark, who is 24 years old was saved last week, and on Friday he made it to his new […]

Abandoned Lion, Bear & Tiger Were Adopted And Now Live Together

  They have officially become our new favourite friendship trio!   These lion, bear and tiger cub were found abandoned in a drug dealer’s house back in 2001. Since then, they have remained the best of friends.   Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger are collectively known as ‘the BLT’ […]

Bear Keeps Breaking Into People’s Homes For Food

  A 220-kilogram black bear, known as ‘Hank The Tank’, is wreaking havoc in Lake Tahoe in California.     Since July, residents have reported the bear to the police more than 100 times as it continues to break into homes looking for food.     Hank has shed his fear of people, according to […]