10 Pet Friendly Beaches To Visit In Malta

  Most people travelling to Malta this summer will want to visit some of the stunning beaches found along its coast. However, pet owners wishing to bring along their furry companions may be faced with signs reading “NO DOGS ALLOWED” on arrival.   From tourists who couldn’t leave their pets at home to locals wishing […]

Top 4 Nude Beaches In Malta

  Feeling adventurous? Looking to tick something exciting off your bucket list? Or maybe you want to get that perfect full-body tan? Then maybe a trip to a nude beach is exactly what you need.   Rumour has it there are some nude beaches in Malta. Our expert research team have taken the time to […]

8 spectacular winter walks in the Maltese Islands

Malta isn’t always associated with walking but this misses a huge part of the countryside that makes Malta so stunning. There are some great walks in the Maltese Islands and you could take a stroll by the secluded coastlines, trek the dramatic cliff tops or ramble the rugged countryside. Great for a break in the summer months but also the […]

Talented dad creates sand art on Malta’s beaches

It’s art in the most temporary form. For as soon as the sea comes in, Raymond Schembri’s amazing beach designs are lost forever. Ray from Kalkara is the creative genius behind dozens of brilliant sand sculptures on the beach at Rinella Bay. He makes them ‘just for a bit of fun’ with his young son – and […]