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Storm ‘Daniel’ Set To Hit Malta Tomorrow

Daniel is going to cause havoc soon..

The Met Office has announced that storm Daniel will bring isolated showers, thunderstorms, strong winds, and potential hail to Malta on Tuesday. This weather shift is expected in the afternoon, with overcast skies and sporadic showers anticipated. Furthermore, the Met Office warns of thundery and blustery showers during the night, possibly accompanied by hail.

These weather conditions are predicted to persist until Thursday, with winds reaching force 6 from the North by Northeast direction on both Wednesday and Thursday.

The alteration in weather patterns is attributed to a low-pressure system currently situated over Greece. This system is expected to intensify and move across the southern Ionian Sea, eventually reaching the Maltese Islands by Tuesday evening and lingering until Saturday, September 9th.

In response to these conditions, the Met Office is preparing to issue weather warnings for thunderstorms, moderate to heavy rainfall, and strong winds.