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Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Are Looking For Applicants

Do you know anyone who should be on the show?😂

If you’re an enthusiast of the “no-action allowed” rule and believe you can maintain a celibate stance amidst a crowd of pleasure-seeking singles, here’s your chance: Netflix’s tantalizing reality series, Too Hot To Handle, is actively seeking applicants for its sixth season. Devoted followers of the show will recognize this as a departure from the usual scheme, where contenders are led to believe they are auditioning for an entirely distinct reality TV program, only to encounter a surprise prohibition on physical intimacy.

After a season five packed with drama that aired in July, the show’s creators are opting for a change of approach. For the upcoming year, they’re inviting potential participants to apply fully informed about the unique challenge.

Past favourites who found themselves in a state of “blue-balled” anticipation, including Harry Jowsey, Francesca Farago, and Chloe Veitch, were under the impression they were vying for a vastly dissimilar romantic reality adventure. It wasn’t until Lana, the virtual and enigmatic assistant, unveiled the true nature of the competition they had unwittingly entered.

Applications are open from the following link: