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Micimago Releases New Song ‘On My Way’

Micimago is thrilled to announce the release of his latest track titled “On My Way.”



This captivating song, written, composed, and produced entirely by Micimago himself, delivers a fresh blend of pop funk with delightful disco influences.


Micimago’s musical journey began in 2012 when he stumbled upon music production software. This chance encounter sparked his experimentation and quickly turned into an all-consuming passion. Initially drawn to producing dance music, he soon ventured into DJing to share his creations, which eventually became a significant part of his life and even led to a separate career path. However, as time passed, music production claimed a more central role, leading Micimago to collaborate with other artists and singers. Notably, he worked with an artist representing Malta in the recent Eurovision Song Contest.


About two years ago, Micimago experienced a shift in his artistic interests, realizing that his true passion lay within the studio, crafting music. As he embraced this realization and let go of his DJ persona, a diverse range of songs naturally emerged. “On My Way” serves as a reflection of this transformative journey.


This track beautifully captures the moment of self-discovery when someone realizes that true fulfillment lies in a different pursuit, which has been within their grasp all along.

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